Affiliate Marketing Training

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Affiliate Marketing opens a way to earn money online where you as an affiliate get a commission for helping a business find lots of customers by promoting their website, products or services with your actual experiences and integrity.

Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead, Pay For Download, Pay Per Click and Pay Per Call are several such ways to get paid.

We provide the best affiliate marketing training course in Chennai with 100% practical based training on live projects. It starts from basics of affiliate marketing course to advanced concepts.

The affiliate marketing training is for those who want to earn money by own. It is best suitable for homemakers, students, IT experts, social media researchers, bloggers, organizers, and webmasters, etc.

BIX can help you sense the right way and take you through all channels and mixes involved. Spending times, trying all anti-tactics, and start with square one all over again can make you feel low esteem of yourself.


Course Objectives

By the completion of the Affiliate Marketing Course, you should be able to:

  • The faculty has 8+ years of Industry experience and works on many projects.
  • Our instructors focus on giving valuable insights on each aspect of affiliate marketing.
  • Trainers provide personalized training modules filled with your needs.
  • The best parts of our trainers are that they ever encourage and motivate students to learn and attain the best knowledge.

No one needs to shoot in the dark. Do we?

Call us. As we have a customized program for each to provide your needs best.

Why do you waste your time and energy on researching, when you have the chance to have your personal trainer who can groom you with full insights?


  • The assessment will be done on the basis of an online test and Project Evaluation at the end of the course.
  • Weightage of Project Evaluation is 30% and that of Online test is 70%. Minimum pass percentage for online test is 70.
  • Five re-attempts will be provided to clear online test in case the candidate scores less than 70%.
  • On completion of the Assessment (Project + Test) with a minimum of 70% marks, We will issue a certificate of successful completion from Bix.
  • A Participation certificate will be issued if the candidate does not score 70% in the Assessment.
  • Soft copy of the certification will be issued to the participants, on completion of the course.


  • Those who have passion in SMM and interested to earn extra income can learn.


General questions

Who should join this course?

Freshers and College students - irrespective of educational background.

SEM & PPC Executives, Marketing & Advertising Professionals.

Product and Brand Managers.

IT Professionals.

Business Owners.

And those who have passion in Digital Marketing.

BIX IT ACADEMY is the best Digital Marketing training institute in Chennai. Where make sure you walk out with JOB.

If you have missed a session contact our support team where they will reschedule the missed sessions based on trainer availability.

The study material will be mailed to you at the end of each session.

Upon registering for the course, if for some reason you are unable or unwilling to participate in the course further, you can apply for a refund. You can initiate the refund any time before start of the second session of the course by sending an email to , with your enrolment details and bank account details (where you want the amount to be transferred). Once you initiate a refund request, you will receive the amount within 21 days after confirmation and verification by our team. This is provided only if your classes have not started.